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The beginning of every successful project

This is the initial and most important stage of a project. Here, an experienced agriculturalist records and makes a report about the characteristics of the environment, which match the project with the vision held by the customer of how they wish to experience it in their daily lives.

Drawing inspiration from the environment we have been invited to enhance and with our tools being the boundless palette of Mediterranean plants, materials and hand-made constructions, we deliver detailed designs and cost estimates, which are unique to each project. It goes without saying that we respect the time plan and design in relation to the cost.

Our goal is for the result to pleasantly surprise our customers and to surpass their original expectations.


Experience and attention to detail

At this stage of the project Simple Green’s technical team demonstrate their great experience and dedication to detail.

The materials used in the installation of an irrigation system, a path, a wooden construction or a rooftop garden are of the highest quality. The plants, which are always selected from the best producers in the field, are robust and completely acclimatised.

Our obsession, however, to detail and the small secrets hidden in the blending and installation of all these materials guarantees a sustainable and evergreen outcome, which at the same time keeps the maintenance and its costs low.


High quality maintenance services

Our primary goal, already, from the study and the construction of the project is the easiest and most economical maintenance.

The materials and plants which are selected from the Mediterranean basin play the main role in this as they are required to solve problems like the sufficiency and quality of water, the hard soil and difficult climatic conditions of each season.

Our experienced maintenance crew are tasked with carrying out any work needed, discreetly and with direct communication with the customer whenever required.

Together we create the landscape you desire

Take full advantage of your spaces

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